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Decagon Devices Visit Australia & New Zealand

July 21, 2014 11:25 am

Dr Colin Campbell and Dr Doug Cobos from Decagon Devices recently traveled to Australia and New Zealand. The primary purpose of the visit was to attend and give presentations at the Unsat Conference in Sydney. Many delegates at the conferences visited the Decagon booth and there was a lot of interest in the WP4C instrument and MPS-6 sensor. While the WP4C instrument has been available for a number of years, many delegates were interested in using this instrument as it is a much more efficient method than filter papers and pressure extractors to measure water potential of soils in the laboratory. The MPS-6 can also measure water potential of soils however it is a field sensor for the in-situ and long term monitoring of soil water potential.

Following the Unsat Conference, a series of workshops were held in cities across Australia and New Zealand. The workshops covered advanced techniques in soil water content and potential, plant water relations, and monitoring biomass with spectral reflectance sensors. Presentations from the workshops can be found at the ICT International website or by clicking here.


Unsat Conference1

The Unsat Conference in Sydney was attended by about 250 engineers from all over the world.


Unsat Conference2

There was a lot of interest in Decagon’s instruments and sensors, such as the WP4C and MPS-6.


Decagon Workshop Christchurch

A one day workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand, was well attended and received by many of the leading scientists in New Zealand.


Decagon Workshop Newcastle

At the Newcastle workshop, attendees had a lot of interest in measuring thermal properties with the KD2 Pro.